To participate in the campaign, please e-mail,or visit the website at You may also mail your letter to: Room 207, Building 7, Rongyuan Hotel, No. 225,Changsha Railway North Road, Furong District, Changsha City, 410001.

During the 5000-year history of Chinese civilization, Hunan people have created a splendid Huxiang culture and the unique Hunan Spirit. Hunan Spirit is the inheritance and development of the excellent Huxiang culture, the concrete embodiment of the socialist core value system in Hunan as well as the common quality and pursuit of Hunan citizens.

Hunan Spirit of the new age vision is an embodiment of the Chinese ethos. It is rooted in age-long tradition,based on present needs, and seen in future hopes.

Hunan enjoys profound culture foundation and unique culture atmosphere. In the long historical and cultural accumulation,Hunan people care about the world, dare to be forerunners, and boast a strong will and an indomitable spirit. It is the birthplace of such noted proletarian revolution predecessors as Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi and Ren Bishi,heroic models like Lei Feng, Luo Shengjiao and Ouyang Hai, as well as outstanding individuals including Zheng Peimin, Yuan Longping and Wen Huazhi. Throughout the years, Hunan people exerted their courage in combating flood, freezing disaster and other natural disasters.

In recent years, cities including Changsha, Yueyang and Loudi vigorously practice the “City Spirit”, laying a solid foundation for the Hunan Spirit of the new age vision. Adopting such strategies as “One Industrialization and Three Basics” (i.e. promoting the new-type industrialization and strengthening the infrastructural construction, economic fundamentals and basic work), “Overtaking around the Curve” and “new-type industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, informatization, and ‘Two-Oriented’ Society construction”, Hunan exhibited its unique spirit in enhancing the scientific, rapid and transforming development. All these endeavors provided reference for outlining the Hunan Spirit.

To capture and outline the Hunan Spirit is to meet the inevitable demand of establishing a socialist core value system and a core value system of Hunan Province. It is the urgent requirement for Hunan to accelerate its development, strengthen key competitiveness, and speed up the building of a well-off and “Two-Oriented” society. It is also an important way to establish Hunan as a culturally powerful province after realizing a sound situation for development.

From February to March, 2012, the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee will solicit ideas for summarizing "Hunan Spirit" across the province. Based on wide-ranging collection, this move will encourage the collective wisdom of Hunan citizens and work out the distinctive, penetrative, simple and popular expressions (within 20 words) to outline Hunan Spirit.

It is hoped that this activity can further explore the connotation of Hunan Spirit, form a common understanding, demonstrate its charm and bring into full play the motivation role of the spirit.

People of all ethnic groups and people from all walks of life are invited to actively involve themselves in the campaign to contribute to the refining, fostering and promoting of the spirit.

To participate in the campaign, please e-mail, or visit the website at may also mail your letter to: Room 207, Building 7, Rongyuan Hotel,No. 225, Changsha Railway North Road, Furong District, Changsha City, 410001.

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