42 Degrees Celsius: listening to the sound of flowers' blossoming
41 Degrees Celsius: imaging the stretching of your pores on your body
39 Degrees Celsius: enjoying the worry-free moment to your heart's content
Indeed, 39 degrees C is close to your body's temperature, and when you are fully immersed into it, you'll feel the softness and sweetness of the spring. We do not know if you are listening to its soft whisper or rather the water is listening to your heart's inner voice. But one thing is for sure, that is, it holds your body, and makes you relax and relieved, and you need not worry about anything now. Hot spring, pure and considerate, just like a bosom friend, is most welcome to a soul.
Warmth, serenity, tenderness, sweetness, all these are the feelings you may get when you are in the hot spring. First touching it, you might not feel it amiable or easy to approach. But when you are moved by its enthusiasm, you will sense the comfortable feeling, and know that you are in complete harmony with the hotspring. And then you will feel so happy and comfortable. Your blood can not withstand the temptation and began to accelerate its movement,and the pores open.
Cool mineral water flows from the magical springs, with magic air flying above you. In the flower bath, you feel everything else is redundant, as you are truly yours now, and looking through the rising and twisting air, you will see a grove. With your eyes closed and the fragrance of flowers in the nose, you will feel absolute relief to your heart's content.

Right at this moment, you will hear the flowers blossom.