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Key words for Graduation:

1. Graduation Commemoration / Graduation Trip
2. Graduation Music / Graduate Employment
The Diploma
Original diplomas were made of sheepskin. This is where the slang " hang your sheepskin on the wall" came from. It was a phrase to represent showing your education.

Diplomas were made from paper-thin sheepskin, hand-written, rolled and tied with a ribbon until 100 years ago. A lot of documents were done on animal skins because paper-making was difficult. They changed to parchment, which was more practical, when the paper making techniques improved. It wasn't until the turn of this century that diplomas stopped being rolled-up, but given out in leather binders. Rumor is because rolled-up diplomas were hard to frame. (Some schools might still roll their diplomas? I'm not informed on all the procedures for all the schools.)
Graduation trip, which has a long history in countries of Europe and North America, are largely independent travels. Now this kind of travel begins to receive popularity in our country. "University graduates used to keep having farewell dinners and drinking, which are not only bad for the health but also make them sad. While going out for a trip not only enable them to enjoy some places of historical interest, but also put a perfect ending to their college life. "
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