The Date of Christmas
The idea to celebrate Christmas on December 25 originated in the 4th century. The Catholic Church wanted to eclipse the festivities of a rival pagan religion that threatened Christianity's existence. The Romans celebrated the birthday of their sun god, Mithras during this time of year. Although it was not popular, or even proper, to celebrate people's birthdays in those times, church leaders decided that in order to compete with the pagan celebration they would themselves order a festival in celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the actual season of Jesus' birth is thought to be in the spring, the date of December 25 was chosen as the official birthday celebration as Christ's Mass so that it would compete head on with the rival pagan celebration. Christmas was slow to catch on in America. The early colonists considered it a pagan ritual. The celebration of Christmas was even banned by law in Massachusetts in colonial days.
Christmas Symbols
Christmas is the most widely celebrated festival world over, and also the most popular festival globally. Apart from traditions, customs and rituals, there are some of the interesting and enjoyable information on the different icons and symbols that are associated with Christmas.
Christmas Star Mistletoe&Holly Poinsettia Christmas Tree
Christmas Stocking Christmas Toys Ivy, Laurel &Rosemary Christmas Rose
Christmas Greetings
To lover
To my dearest love on this joyous Christmas.
On this Christmas I have but one thing to say: I love you.
You're the best Christmas present I ever received.
I only want you for Christmas!
I give all my love to you this Christmas.
Even though we are apart, you are in my heart this Christmas.
I want you stuffed in my stocking.
I want to be in your arms this Christmas.
My heart is my Christmas present to you.
You are the one for me this Christmas and for many Christmases to come.
My arms are wide open for you this Christmas.
To friends
A Christmas wish for my best friend!
A Christmas greeting to cheer you, my good friend.
Why don't we enjoy the holidays together?
Take your passion and make it come true.
I hope this card reaches you in time for Christmas.
Wishing you and your family all our blessings for a beautiful Christmas season!
To superior
May joy and health be with you always.
May happiness follow you wherever you go!
From all of us in your department: Merry Christmas!
Your entire staff wishes you and yours a most happy Christmas.
Thank you for all you have done for us.
To Parents
May joy and health be with you always.
May happiness follow you wherever you go!
A special card from your grandson.
A Christmas wish from your nephew.
I'll be home to enjoy this Christmas with you.
Thinking of you at Christmas time.
Warmest thoughts and best wishes from your daughter.
Merry Christmas to the world's best parents!
To teachers
Much joy to you in the upcoming year.
Thank you for all you have done for us.
We won't forget you this holiday season.
Thank you for your hard work and patience on this holiday season.
Thank you for not assigning homework this holiday season.
Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas from all of your students.
To colleague
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas and happy New Year.
Best wishes on this holiday season.
Wishing you and yours a merry Christmas this holiday season.
We wish you a merry Christmas.
Wishing you a beautiful holiday season.
May peace, happiness and good fortune be with you always.
May the holidays fill your heart with happiness.
Christmas in Changsha
Christmas is no longer the exotic Western import it once was. We've always celebrated Christmas in a Western style. We go to bars or clubs with friends to celebrate the season. Christmas does not seem so special anymore.
A lot of university students and white-collar workers in Hunan have shown interests in Christmas, and some even have already prepared Christmas gifts several days in advance, especially those in their 10s,20s and 30s. Christmas party is
fascinating, although many of them have never take part in a real party before..They believe it will be a great night and definitely an exciting experience.
The Changsha Jiefang Road (West)is currently home to many entertainment venues like karaoke clubs and bars. They are good choice for this Christmas Eve get-together.
Christmas has become too commercialized in the city. Now we are tired of the way people celebrate and want to try something different. We Hunanese want to make it more local and let it becomes a festival for us.
Top 10 Romantic Christmas Gifts

It's great when you find the perfect Christmas gift for her, isn't it? The look on her face when her open it, and knowing she is really going to enjoy the Christmas gift you gave her this Xmas. But that's the trick isn't it? Getting the right gift.. Despite what you may think, a woman's idea of romance isn't a kitchen appliance (too 1950s) a bottle of perfume (too cliche) or roses (too generic). And despite popular opinion, it's not the price tag that counts either, it's the thought. The more time, effort and thought you put into her gift -- and the more you personalize it -- the gushier she'll get. With those often-overlooked facts in mind, this year, make sure she's bursting with cheer (and gratitude) by putting one of these top 10 romantic gifts under the tree.