Return to Nature

Watercolor Paintings Exposition by Huang Tieshan

Duration : April 8th - 22nd, 2014
Venue : The Chinese Cultural Center in Paris


The Chinese Cultural Center in Paris
The Chinese Artists Association
The Federation of Literature and Art of Hunan Province
The Hunan Literature and History Research Institute
The Hunan Artists Association

Huang Tieshan was born in Dongkou County, Hunan Province in 1939. He graduated from Hubei College of Fine Arts in 1959 and is currently a council member of the Chinese Artists Association, director of the Watercolor Art Committee of China, member of the Hunan Literature and History Research Institute, honorary committee member of the Federation of Literature and Art of Hunan Province, and

honorary chairman of the Hunan Artists Association. As an unparalleled artist, he enjoys a special allowance granted by State Council to the experts with outstanding contributions.

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Return to Nature - Watercolor Paintings Exhibition by Huang Tieshan
Hunan Painting 1
Hunan Painting 2
Hunan Painting 3
Hunan Painting 4
Hunan Painting 5
Hunan Painting 6
Hunan Painting 7
Hunan Painting 8
Hunan Painting 9
Hunan Painting 10
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Hunan Painting 14
Lotus of Autumn

Wu Guanzhong

a(Deceased founder of modern Chinese painting; one of the greatest contemporary Chinese painters of all-time)

For the depth of expressiveness and the completeness of composition represented by his works, and his life long devotion to watercolor painting, Huang Tieshan is well deserving of the pre-eminence he commands among contemporary Chinese watercolorists.

Gu Yuan

(Deceased woodcut master, former President of China Central Academy of Fine Arts)

The beautiful watercolor paintings of Huang Tieshan display extraordinary skills, which exude the scent of everyday life and the artist*s passion for the people of his age!

Liu Dawei

(Chairman of China Artists Association; Honorary Chairman of International Association of Art)

Huang Tieshan*s watercolor painting can be characterized by the richness of Chinese flavor present in the representation of landscape and culture of China. Huang Tieshan*s works perfectly exemplify the accomplishments of Chinese modern watercolorists.

Xiao Feng

(Former President of China Central Academy of Fine Arts; Former Vice Chairman of China Artists Association)

Huang Tieshan has been indispensable in the remarkable achievements of Chinese Watercolor Painting. As a virtuoso watercolorist, Huang Tieshan has also made remarkable contributions to the development of the theories on Chinese Watercolor Painting.

Shao Dazhen

(Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts; Honorary Chairman of China Fine Arts Theory Committee)

As an artist enraptured by passion for realistic representation, Huang Tieshan worships the beauty of nature. A humble learner of nature, Huang Tieshan has endeavored to express his perception of the nature*s beauty through lyrical vocabulary. With a striking uniqueness in his artistic style, Huang Tieshan has attained the pre-eminence in China as a master watercolorist.

Wang Hongjian

(Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts)

A leading water colorist who deserves high degree of respect in China, Huang Tieshan is distinguished for his passion for art and his love for nature. After half a century of trailblazing efforts, Huang Tieshan has formed his own unique style in artistic creation, which has been explicitly and consistently illustrated by his propositions in study and research of fine arts. Huang Tieshan*s contribution to the advancement of Chinese Watercolor Painting has been outstanding.

Liang Dong

(Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts: Former Chairman of Watercolor Committee of China Art Artists Association)

There are two aspects of Huang Tieshan*s watercolor painting that have reached perfection. First, through the adept use of water, the characteristics of watercolor painting are perfectly represented by each of his paintings. Second, the density and volume of pigments are perfectly arranged and therefore represent the picture normally only typical of the oil painting.

Yuan Yunfu

(Professor of School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University)

A foremost watercolorist of his time, Huang Tieshan has demonstrated the pursuit for perfection in all elements of his artistic creations, which has raised the bar for his contemporaries. With his outstanding artistic caliber, Huang Tieshan has established himself as a top watercolorist in China and the whole world.