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Traveling in Miraculous Central Hunan

Reach Xiangxiang Shuifu Temple Tourist Area from Changsha by the Changsha-Xiangtan Expressway. Enjoybeautiful scenery rivaling Qiandao Lake. Visit Zeng Guofan’s resident and Cai Hes...[Read More]

One Day Tour in Changsha to Experience Huxiang Culture

Traveling in Colorful Shaoyang

Reach Shaoyang from Changsha via the Changsha-Xiangtan Expressway and the Xiangtan-Shaoyang Expressway. Longhui Huayao Village would be your first destination. Yao ethnic multicolore...[Read More]

Explore Ecological Environment in Yueyang
Enjoy Beauty of Serene Nature in Eastern Hunan

Traveling the Ancient Tea-horse Road

Traveling from Changsha to Yiyang by the Changsha-Yiyang Expressway, tourists can go to Zhishan Lake for golf, then visit the Bamboo Sea Scenic Area in Taohuajiang Scenic Area, where...[Read More]

Experience Culture and Scenery in Western Hunan

Chenzhou Hotspring Tour

Chenzhou is famous countrywide for its abundant hot springs. There are hotspringsin all 11 counties. The main scenic spots along the tour include Mangshan National Forest Park, Dongj...[Read More]

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