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Five Continents Chinese Language Championship Contest Kicks off

The fifth and sixth round of the 17th Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students finals were held in Changsha, Hunan on July 23. After these rounds, the top 15 of the original 152 contestants, gathered for a spirited Chinese Language Class contest.

They will now contend for the five continents championship. In these two rounds of the finals, the Chinese Language Class invited two former champions, Alistair Bayley and David Kolosov; Qin Siyuan, a sound expert; and examiners from around China and other countries to share their experiences.
In addition to the finals rounds, an educational and entertaining Chinese language game was arranged. Next, the top 15 contestants will begin a more intense competition to advance into the top 5, and face even more interesting challenges.
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Translator: Luo Rong
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