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Third Round of 17th Chinese Bridge Competition Finals Held in Changsha

American contestant Ke Luhan won first place in the third round of the American Group finals. 
Mozambican contestant Qi Ji being interviewed by a hostess.
With a theme of “One World, One Family”, the third round of the finals of the 17th Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students began in Changsha on July 16. Three examiners from China and other countries were evaluated the top 30 contestants for their Chinese proficiency level using a variety of interesting topics such as food, tongue twisters, and about "Refusal" art of different countries.
Later, the top 30 contestants took a written test and will compete in the fourth round of the finals. Then the top 15 contestants will be selected according to their cumulative scores in the four rounds of the competition. 
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