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First and Second Round of the Finals of 17th Chinese Bridge Competition Held in Changsha

The finals of the 17th Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students began in Changsha on July 13. Thirty contestants from 5 continents gathered for the fierce contest.
Contestants are playing the Chinese characters game.
Contestants are answering questions. 
Contestants cheer on the stage. 
One of the contestants is taking her individual test. 

The finals of the “Chinese Bridge Competition” this year set up an interesting Class to promote the pleasure of learning Chinese in an amusing atmosphere. The Class has invited Chen Ming, winner of best debater of International Varsity Debate, as the teacher in charge of the Class and Hunan TV hostess Li Shaminzi as the Class counselor. 
It is learnt that 3 examiners from China and other countries raise questions for all of them in each round of the final competition. The first and second examiners combine their experiences and unique features to make out questions, and the contestants have to enter into the Chinese game zone if they give wrong answers for two consecutive times. They can go back to the testing zone if they succeed in finishing the game within the required time. Otherwise, they will stay in the game zone without the opportunity of answering the questions given by the third examiner. 
German contestant Yan Chengxin won the first place in the first round of the finals; and Guan Huimin from Asian Group won the first place in the second round according to their cumulative scores. 
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