Vehicle Trips Surge on Final Day of the National Day Holiday

People visiting families and friends as well as tourists returned to work or school on October 8, the final day of the National...

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Short-distance Road Trips Continue to Rise

Hunan tourism market keeps booming despite the rain on the fifth day of the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays. It has maintained stable growth with no major tourist accidents occurred. The short-distance trips made by car, a major holiday travel mode, continue to rise. Many activities are customized for such trips, including self-drive tours hosted by the Liuyang Wenjiashi Autumn Harvest Uprising Memorial Hall to visit red tourism scenic spots.

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Mid-Autumn Fireworks Show Presents Wishes for People

The 259th fireworks show on the Orange Isle, also the last one in 2017, starts at 20:30 of Oct. 4, the Mid-Autumn Festival even...

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Festival Customs

Moon Cakes

In the old days, snack workshops in Changsha began to prepare moon cake production when spring came. A lot of time has to be sp...

Moon Worship

The custom of moon worship has been continued in Changsha since ancient time, despite a convention of “men not worshiping the ...

Miao People – Moon...

According to the legend of Miao people, a beautiful young girl named Shuiqing fell in love with an honest and diligent young ma...

Dong People–Steali...

In Xinhuang County, Hunan, on the night of the Mid-autumn Day, an interesting custom of “stealing moon vegetables” is popular...

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Holiday Travel Guide

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Hengshan Mountain
Yuelu Mountain
Orange Isle
Fenghuang Ancient City
Yueyang Tower
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