September 12 to 13

Orange Isle Beach Park, Changsha

Ticket Price:
RMB 120 (pre-sale);
RMB 150 (at the door)

Ticket Hotline:

A mecca for music fans, Orange Isle Music Festival blends rock, metal, pop, jazz and all genres of music, drawing attendees from all over the world. Held in downtown Changsha, it stands in line as king among all festivals. An awesome lineup is expected, and biggest- stars from home and abroad will put on brilliant live performances this year. If you're looking for one full, action-packed day of watching bands, Orange Isle Music Festival is a great place to go and probably not too far from you.

It is top-notch and super-relaxing for music fans to escape from busy urban life and energize themselves with the vigor of music.

As an eye-catching symbol of Changsha and an emerging international cultural exchange platform, Orange Isle Music Festival has made great progress in promoting its brand globally after seven years of development. It has become one of the five top-tier music festivals in China in terms of scale and influence, praised as the music festival with greatest commercial potential in the Chinese mainland and one of the best music festivals in the whole country.

Orange Isle Music Festival, as a gradually maturing cultural brand, sparks the idea of city music in Changsha, and plays a vital role in furthering Changsha’s spiritual progress, enhancing Changsha’s cultural competitiveness and enriching people’s cultural lives.

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther was a seminal Chinese rock band founded in 1987. It was originally fronted by one of China's alternative music pioneers Dou Wei. The band reunited and released a new album in 2013. The band's best known songs include "Shameful", "Spirit of Light", "No Right, No Wrong", and "Our generation". (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

    Hit singles: Shameful; Spirit of Light; No Right, No Wrong; Our generation

  • Hanggai

    Based in Beijing but devoted to traditional Mongolian songs, Hanggai gently infuses the songs with drums, bass and electric guitar without ever overwhelming or cheapening them. With success comes the leisure for reflection, and Hanggai's spacious, undeniably gorgeous music has won it many fans -- no doubt in part because of the excellent production. (Source: rhapsody.com)

    Albums: Beifang; He Who Travels Far; Introducing Hanggai

  • Wan Xiaoli

    Born in 1971, Wan Xiaoli is a representative of Chinese folk singers, with a background in classical guitar and harmonica. Wan, who has deep roots in popular music and rock music, has been greatly influenced by popular music in Hong Kong and Taiwan and ballads on the mainland. (Source: china.org.cn)

    Hit singles: Fox; Mama; Top

  • King Ly Chee

    King Ly Chee was formed in May of 1999 fueled by the fire and passion of a form music called hardcore. This band has tirelessly continued down its mission for 16 years, and they have taken their sounds, energy and hearts to surrounding Asian countries, and Europe, helping establish the name “King Ly Chee” as a truly Asian band. (Source: http://kinglychee.com/)

    Hit singles: Overcome; Time will Prove; We will Find a Way

  • Tian Tang

    Tian Tang is a long-standing Chinese rock band. The members all have a rough and cold appearance but inner passion and kindness, keen on supporting charity events. They have organised and participated in various charity activities and have written many songs, such as “Granny Ding” (for an old lady who rescue stray cats), “bloom” (for wild animal protection), “Hoh Xil” (for Tibetan antelope) and many more. (Source: http://news.tacn.org/ )

    Hit singles: Granny Ding; Bloom; Hoh Xil

  • Yico Tseng

    Yico Tseng was born in 1990. She is a singer-songwriter who became famous after joining Super Girl Contest in 2009. In 2013 Yico Tseng held her second solo concert “Separation” in Beijing where she performed two different types of music. (Source: http://english.cri.cn/)

    Hit singles: Baby Sister; Leo; Good Night

All-star Bands

Basically all the bands that have performed in domestic well-known musical festivals have been invited.

High-caliber Volunteers

Volunteers with excellent command over English language will provide international guests and overseas bands with quality services.

Cathy and Creative Slogans

Catchy and creative slogans have been collected from the public to showcase their wisdom and present the festival’s characteristics.

Various Recreational Activities

The venue, Orange Isle Beach Park, has been divided into ten separate zones, including Performance Area, Audience Area and Food Area.

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