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15 July 2015

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2019 Hunan Summer Rural Culture and Tourism Festival

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The 2019 Hunan Summer Rural Culture and Tourism Festival and the opening ceremony of Jiuxian Lake Scenic Spot in Youxian County will be held in Jiuxian Lake Scenic Spot, Zhuzhou City on July 25. 
The festival will showcase the beautiful scenery, local customs, folk traditions, and characteristic industries of Youxian County, with the theme of “Splendid Hunan – Ancient Youxian County Jiuxian Lake”. The theme activities include:
-The opening ceremony and the Jiuxian Lake Water Carnival;
-The Hunan-Jiangxi Border Area Cultural Tourism Commodities Fair;
- Tasting Youxian Food; 
-The Hunan-Jiangxi Border Area Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference;
-The Cooperation Alliance on Cultural Tourism Economic Belt of Eastern Hunan Annual Meeting;
-Fireworks - Jiuxian Lake Night; and,
-The Eastern Hunan Folk Culture Show.
There are also series of activities such as “Civilized Youzhou (former name of Youxian)”, “The Taste of Youzhou”, “Chill-out Youzhou”, and “A Tour in Youzhou”.
The Youxian county government will carry out a number of preferential policies between July 1 and 31, to bring a cultural tourism feast to visitors. They are:
-Three A-level scenic spots of Jiuxian Lake, Bailong Cave, and Xianren Bridge offers free admission to those who are under 18 years or over 60 years old, students, military personnel, retired military cadres, disabled persons, and journalists with valid certificates; 20% discount for other tourists; and, 30% discount for self-operated experience projects in Jiuxian Lake Scenic Area; and,
-Travel gift packs are also handed out at star-level hotels, farms, and other rural scenic spots.
The festival is hosted by the Hunan Provincial Culture and Tourism Department and the Zhuzhou Municipal People's Government; undertaken by the Zhuzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Radio, Film, Television and Sports, and the Youxian County People's Government; and co-organized by Zhuzhou City Development Group.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Yu Jiangjiang
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