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15 July 2015

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Qingming Festival Activities

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Parent-child activity: making Qingtuan (sweet green rice balls)

Qingtuan, or green rice balls, are usually made from glutinous rice mixed with pounded mugwort -an edible wild herb. It's a custom to eat Qingtuan during the Qingming Festival in China.

Time: April 5 - April 7 (10:00-11:30; 14:30-16:00)

Participants: families with kids aged 7-9 years old (one child + one parent)

Reservation: online
You can make a reservation through Hunan Museum’s official website and WeChat account.
Official website:
Official WeChat account:

How to visit:
Please enter the hall of Hunan Museum Education Center (湖南省博物馆教育中心) from “student channel”, and then register at the entrance after showing your reservation information and ID Card. After the registration, the instructor will guide you to the venue.

-Educational activities are free of charge.
-Each family is encouraged to prepare a small cake or snack in advance to exchange with other families.
-The sign-in time is 9:30-9:50 and 14:00-14:20.
-Each person can make an appointment for one activity only.
-If you cannot attend on time, please cancel the reservation before the activity starts.

Kite painting and coloring

Venue: East side of Art Gallery, 1A, Hunan Museum Education Center (教育中心1A艺术长廊东侧).

April 2 - April 30 (closed on Mondays)
10:00-10:20; 10:30-10:50; 11:00-11:20
14:00-14:20; 14:30-14:50; 15:00-15:20

How to participate: no need to make a reservation; on-site registration. 


“Exploring Hunan Museum”

Hands-on activities: archaeological excavation, printing and dyeing, and writing.

“Exploring Mawangdui”: April 4, April 6, April 18, and April 20
“Knowing about People in Han Dynasty”: April 11, April 13, April 25, and April 27
10:00-10:30; 10:45 -11:15
14:00-14:30; 14:45-15:15

How to participate: on-site registration