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15 July 2015

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Changsha International Music Festival

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The 2018 City of Media Art-Ode to Autumn, and the 3rd Changsha International Music Festival will be held between September 14th and October 30th. A feast of arts will be expected. There are 20 performances, 15 master classes, public lectures, performance recommendation, and art flash mobs. Nearly 600 artists from 12 countries and regions will come to Changsha to give performances including symphony, children's chorus, and operas.
Artists are mainly from China, Britain, Kazakhstan, Australia, Spain, the United States, Germany, France, Poland, and Hungary. The following renowned artists are on the list:
1. China's three major tenors, Dai Yuqiang, Wei Song, and Mo Hua Lun;
2. The fourth Grammy-winner "Contemporary Violin Goddess" Anne-Sophie Mutter;
3. "The greatest composer of the 20th century", Penderecki;
4. The first Chinese winner of the Rubinstein International Piano Competition Prize Hu Jingyun.
There are also many world-famous art groups:
1. Manchester Symphony Orchestra;
2. China Philharmonic Orchestra;
3. Melbourne Lyric Theatre;
4. German Hessen Jazz Orchestra;
5. Dresden Boys Choir;
6. Polish Warsaw Symphony Orchestra; and,
7. Budapest Symphony Orchestra.