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15 July 2015

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British Parent-child Interaction Magic Show

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On September 9 (Sunday), a British magic show called“Geno’s magic world” will be held twice for children and adults at the Hunan Grand Theater.
Time: at 10: 30 and 15:30 on September 9 (Sunday)
Address: The third floor, Hunan Grand Theater, No. 139, Shaoshan Road (North), Furong District, Changsha City
Fare: 80 to 220 Yuan (one ticket for each person. Ticket is required for children at or under 120 cm tall. )
This show is starred by the world's top eccentric magic master Geno (R). Geno has won two European close-range magic champions. He is also a renowned magician popular with British royal family.
The show is a parent-child interaction magic show from the UK. It was created for Chinese families by world-class magic props designer Sparks.