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15 July 2015

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Changde to Launch Cultural Activities to Celebrate May Day Holiday

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Duration: April 27 - May 5

Venue: Changde


The Changde Cultural Center will organize ten cultural activities to enrich the people’s cultural life during the three-day International Labor Day holiday.


Between April 27 and May 4, theater-goers have chances to enjoy Peking Opera, dance, Changde silk string, and cheongsam show at the theater of the Changde Cultural Center. And a social dance party will be held for dance lovers at Baimahu Square.


At 7:30 pm of April 28, a gala on “a happy life is created by human labor” will be staged at Baimahu Cultural Park square.


At 2:00 pm of May 1, there will be an amazing digital movie on at the theater of the Changde Cultural Center. At 7:00 pm that day, an art performance by the Hunan Mass Culture Association Vocal Music Committee will be staged.


At 10:00 am of May 2 and 3, quyi performances will be performed at the theater of the Changde Cultural Center. Quyi is a Chinese performance art consisted of narrative storytelling using staged monologues and dialogues.


Between May 4 and 5, the Zhang Xiliang Calligraphy Studio will give calligraphy lectures for the public. Twenty-five people may have the chance to be tutored by contemporary famous calligrapher Zhang Xiliang.

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