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15 July 2015

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Special Exhibition on Female Pottery Figurines from Han to Tang Dynasties

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On April 18, a museum staff prepares for an exhibition on female pottery figurines from the Han to Tang dynasties. (Photo/Guo Liliang)

Duration: April 21 - July 22

Venue: Changsha Museum

The special exhibition themed "Life of Beautiful Women in Chang'an from the Han and Tang Dynasties" is undertaken by the Changsha Museum and the Xi'an Museum. It will be opened at the Special Exhibition Hall of the Changsha Museum from April 21. A total of 108 sets of cultural relics on women pottery figurines of the Han and Tang dynasties are expected to be seen. The culture of women's costumes, makeup, music, dance, and hunting trips in these two dynasties will be introduced through the exhibits. It provides the audience with a wonderful chance to know about the unique lifestyle of women in Chang'an.

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