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15 July 2015

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Hunan’s Action Plan of Migratory Birds Protection

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Duration: March 10-May 10, 2018

Venue: Hunan


On March 11, the Hunan Forestry Department and the Yueyang Municipal People’s Government held the launching ceremony for this year’s action to "help migratory birds fly" at the East Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve. It is hoped that the whole society will be mobilized to protect migratory birds and jointly build an ecological Hunan.

It was learnt that the action will last from March 10 till May 10. The Hunan Forestry Department issued a notice requiring all the forestry bureaus of cities, counties, and districts to carry out relevant moves during this period. For example, the law popularization and bird popular science consulting activities will be held in schools, communities, and villages; field patrols and publicity activities conducted in migratory bird breeding sites, wintering grounds, relocation sites, migration corridors, and cluster activity areas; and, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Wildlife distributed and explained to local residents.

The Hunan Forestry Department and the Environmental Volunteer Services Federation of Hunan Province (HEF) will jointly organize 13 groups of volunteers to participate in the action to “help migratory birds fly”. They will cooperate with local forestry authorities to engage in the action in the East, West, and South Dongting Lake, and other migratory areas including Yanling, Guidong, Xinshao, Longhui, Xining, Chengbu, Lanshan, Daoxian, Xinhua, and Tongdao.

In recent years, Hunan has achieved remarkable results in protecting bird resources. In the winter of 2017, more than 220,000 migratory birds arrived in the Dongting Lake, an increase of more than 40,000 year on year. 

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