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15 July 2015

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2017 Changsha International Marathon

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The organizing committee announced that the 2017 Changsha International Marathon is postponed to November 18 (Saturday).


Race events:
(1) Marathon (42.195KM) for 6,500 participants
(2) Half Marathon (21.0975KM) for 6,500 participants
(3) Mini Marathon (5KM) for 5,000 participants
(4) Fun Marathon (2KM) for 2,000 participants


The race starts from and ends at Helong Stadium, passing by Changsha’s landmark spots such as Xiangjiang Scenic Belt, Orange Isle (Juzizhou), Yuelu Mountain, Yanghu Wetland Park.


The Marathon is hosted by the Chinese Athletic Association, Hunan Sports Bureau, and Changsha Municipal People’s Government.

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