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15 July 2015

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2016 Asia Cultural Tourism Investment Summit

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Themed on "Dialogue World Capital", the inaugural Asia Cultural Tourism Investment Summit will take place in Changsha on Oct. 29, 2016. The summit will be based on world-renowned investor Jim Rogers’s global inspection tour of investment.


The summit will be attended by over 20 world famous investment organizations such as IDG Capital, Goldman Sachs and Sequoia Capital. Jim Rogers, Former Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and Chinese cultural tourism elites will discuss face to face with 1000 entrepreneurs, experts and scholars about new development opportunities for cultural tourism industry. They will give their views on capital and cultural tourism development, capital and urban development and cultural tourism investment.


The theme activities of the event will include dialogue between Chinese cultural tourism and world capital, awards dinner and project field investigation. Later Hunan Financial Innovation Industrial Park will be established to be functioned as a platform for exchange to attract investment for the development of cultural tourism industry.


Now Hunan is striving to advance the process of building itself into a tourism power, promote the province's cultural tourism industry and non-public economy. The summit not only introduces international resources to Hunan, but also promotes Hunan’s cultural tourism model to the world.


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