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15 July 2015

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Hunan Develops an Increasingly Close Relationship with Africa

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At the end of June this year, Hunan officially joined hands and established a friendship city relationship with Oromia, Ethiopia. Up to now, Hunan’s “circle of friends” in Africa has expanded to 8 pairs, of which there are 2 pairs of provincial friendship cities, including the pair of Hunan and Oromia, Ethiopia, and of Hunan and Northern Cape, South Africa, and 6 pairs of municipal friendship cities, including the pair of Changsha and Brazzaville, of Zhuzhou and Pietermaritzburg, Africa, of Changsha and Entebbe, Uganda, of Western Hunan and Zanzaribani, South Africa, of Xiangtan and Msoma, Tanzania, and of Chenzhou and Kimberley, South Africa.
Hunan has developed an increasingly close relationship with Africa by means of friendship cities. Take Northern Cape, South Africa as an example. Since these two provinces officially established a friendship relation in 2003, they have continuously deepened their cooperation in the fields of economy, trade and culture. In September, 2015, both sides held a “friendly-activity week” in Kimberley, the capital of Northern Cape. In 2016, they signed a friendly cooperation agreement to carry out an all-round cooperation in the fields of commercial trade, agriculture, culture and tourism. Moreover, South Africa has assigned personnel for 4 years successively to participate in the International Mineral and Gem Expo held in Chenzhou, Hunan. 
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