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15 July 2015

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Hunan Governor Xu Dazhe Joins Zhuzhou Delegation Deliberations

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Photo by Zhao Chi, Hunan Daily
On January 27, Hunan Governor, Xu Dazhe, joined the Zhuzhou delegation to review government work, plan, and budget reports. He emphasized that greater efforts should be made in Zhuzhou on the following matters:
·Giving priority to development while focusing on high quality;
·Accelerating old industrial base transformation and upgrading through innovation and opening-up;
·Building rural areas into a more livable and beautiful homeland via rural revitalization;
·Creating more benefits and happiness for people; and,
·Making its own contributions to the rise of Central China.
Governor Xu affirmed the great development achievements that were made in Zhuzhou last year. He also said that greater efforts should be made in the following aspects:
·Making Zhuzhou into great driving force, aiming at industry and world-leading targets, and accelerating the formation of modern industrial clusters, such as rail transportation, general aviation, electronic information, and new materials, among others;
·Focusing on developing competitive industries, boosting supply-side structural reform, and cultivating and expanding consumer goods-manufacturing industries;
·Building an innovation-oriented city and increasing R&D (research and development) investment, cultivating high-tech and innovative enterprises, and transforming R&D achievements;
·Concentrating on the work of fighting the three tough battles of financial risk, targeted poverty alleviation, and pollution control, handling major risks through prevention, and integrating the relations between development and risks prevention;
·Improving long-term mechanisms, and further making greater poverty alleviation progress;
·Attaching importance to issue rectification of the feedback from the central government environmental protection inspection, and making greater efforts to the treatment of CZT (Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan) city cluster green core and cleaner water in cities and towns; and,
·Constructing rural revitalization zones in the Hunan-Jiangxi border region, and utilizing the abundant red resources of Chaling, Yanling, Youxian, and Liling to develop special industries, such as red tourism, among others.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
Translator: Fang Qi
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