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15 July 2015

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Vice Governor He Meets with Consular Corps

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On May 10, Hunan Vice Governor He Baoxiang met in Changsha with a delegation headed by Mr. Mohammad Sarwar Mahmood, Consul General of Consulate-General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong.

Wang Dong, deputy commissioner of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Macao Special Administrative Region, accompanied them on the meeting. The delegation consisted of 21-nation consular corps in Hong Kong and Macau, honorary consuls and representatives.

He Baoxiang extended welcome to the delegation and briefed them the conditions of Hunan Province. He said, “Hunan GDP reached 3.46 trillion CNY in 2017, an increase of 8%, and the economic aggregate ranked ninth nationwide, and 12 industries and industrial clusters with an output value of over 100 billion yuan each have formed.” He continued, “In recent years, Hunan is implementing the innovation-driven opening up strategy. It has increased contacts with countries around the world. It has established friendly relations with 82 provinces (cities and states) from 31 countries, including 26 friendship cities with Asian and African countries. He Baoxiang hoped that through this visit, personnel exchanges and economic and trade cooperation with these countries will be deepened.

Mr. Mohammad Sarwar Mahmood said that the visit to Hunan was a very precious and enjoyable experience. He hoped that mutual understanding will be further consolidated and friendship deepened.

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