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15 July 2015

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Hunan, CREC Deepen Railway Construction Collaboration

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CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary and Hunan Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Director Du Jiahao met in Changsha with Lu Dongfu, Party leadership group secretary and general manager of the China Railway Group Limited (CREC) on Feb. 7, 2018. They exchanged ideas on promoting Hunan railway reform and construction, and enhancing operation and management.

Provincial leaders Xie Jianhui, Zhang Jianfei, and Chen Fei also attended.

Secretary Du said, “In recent years, Hunan railway construction, reform, and development have achieved fruitful results thanks to CREC’s strong support and guidance.” He continued, “A number of railways have been open to traffic, including the Changsha section connecting the Beijing-Guangzhou and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railways, the Shimen-Changsha double-track railway, the expanded Loudi-Shaoyang railway, and the Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan intercity railway. A batch of major railway projects, such as the Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang railway, the Qianjiang-Zhangjiajie-Changde railway, the Zhangjiajie-Jishou-Huaihua railway, the Changde-Yiyang-Changsha railway, and the Menghua railway, accelerated their construction.” He remarked, “The Hunan provincial railway network scale, traffic capability, and service have been greatly elevated, and the comprehensive transportation system continuously improved. They will further enhance Hunan’s regional advantages and promote economic and social advancement.”


Secretary Du expected CREC to strengthen investment and speed up building related railway projects in Hunan, to contribute more to Hunan’s progress and benefit the Hunan people. He promised the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Hunan Province would assist its reform and development.

Mr. Lu made a reply to the relevant issues raised by Hunan province. He noted that Hunan has a superior traffic location and a thriving growth vitality. He added, “The construction scale and quality of Hunan railways have taken the lead in the country in recent years. CREC will, as always, fully support the reform and development of the railway industry in Hunan and better serve the local economic and social development.”

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Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

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