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15 July 2015

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766 Deputies Elected for 13th Hunan Provincial People's Congress

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On January 17, 2018, the 35th Session of the 12th Hunan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee approved the report on delegate qualification examination of the 13th Hunan Provincial People's Congress. It was delivered by the Delegate Credentials Committee of the 12th Hunan Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee. All the 766 eligible delegates of the 15 electoral units in Hunan Province were confirmed qualified.

Among the 766 delegates, there are such delegations as follows:
98 members of ethnic groups, accounting for 12.66% of the total;
207 female delegates, 26.74%;
13 returned overseas Chinese, 1.68%;
39 workers, 5.04%;
118 farmers, 15.25%;
131 specialized technicians, 16.93%;
240 CPC and political cadres, 31.01%;
84 non-Party representatives, 10.85%;
119 enterprises leaders, 15.37%;
30 PLA and CAPF members, 3.88%; and,
5 other delegates, accounting for 0.65%.

In the meantime, taking into account the work continuity of the Hunan Provincial People's Congress, all the units have elected 175 deputies of the 12th Hunan Provincial People's Congress, accounting for 22.61% of the total.

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