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15 July 2015

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HNFDA Delegates 14 Major Categories of Food Production Licensing Approval Power

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The Hunan Provincial People’s Government held a press conference on January 11, 2018. It announced that the second batch of 14 categories of food production licensing approvals would be delegated to municipal and prefectural-level governments and the governments of pilot counties directly under provincial administration since January 1, 2018, to streamline the enterprises management and production efficiency.

It was learnt that the food production licensing approvals of 265 varieties (excluding dietary supplement) of 88 sub-categories of 31major categories of food are administrated by the Hunan Food and Drug Administration (HNFDA). There are120 varieties of 38 sub-categories of 14 major categories delegated this time. The products included are mainly edible oil (including oil and its product), meat product, cans, beverages, frozen drinks, confectionery products, liquor, tea and related products, fruit products, egg products, sugar, aquatic products, bee products, and food additives. HNFDA only retained the approval power of food in 69 varieties of 22 sub-categories of 10 major categories and some large enterprises after delegation of powers. Those products are mainly restricted by the industrial policies, or high-risk and special food. The food production licensing of 800 enterprises that should be approved by HNFDA accounts for only 12.7% of the total 6,300 certified enterprises across the province.

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