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15 July 2015

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Hunan Provincial Government Promotes Investment Attraction

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On August 21, 2017, Hunan Governor Xu Dazhe presided over a provincial executive meeting to promote investment and business opportunities in Hunan.

The “Hunan Provincial People's Government Business and Investment Promotion Plan” was approved at the meeting. Investment promotion is essential for Hunan to implement its innovation-driven, opening-up, development strategy and attract foreign investment to achieve steady growth.

Governor Xu called for: a wider understanding of the opening-up development idea; giving full play to the advantages that the “Belt and Road” program will bring; adapting to new global transnational investment and industry transfer trends; and promoting a new round of high level opening-up, reform, and progress.

He said, “We should embrace the policy orientation and integrate with the opening up and the rise of Hunan with the five development ideas of innovation, harmonization, green, openness, and sharing. Always being sure to take action in line with local circumstances.” He continued saying, “Initiatives should be given to innovative investment mode of organic combination of capital, technology, and intelligence, so as to elevate foreign capital utilization quality.”

“We shall communicate and cooperate with Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to optimize the business environment. We will expand access to the outside world, improve intellectual property rights protection for foreign-invested enterprises, enhance foreign investment services, and promote fair competition between domestic and foreign capital.

Background information

Foreign enterprises will be given pre-establishment national treatment — treated the same as Chinese companies. Foreign investment will also be evaluated with a 'negative' list approach as opposed to a 'positive' list approach.

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