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15 July 2015

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Hunan, Japan to Enhance Culture and Tourism Collaboration

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On August 20, 2017, Hunan Provincial Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Wang Kemin met in Changsha with a Japanese news and culture delegation headed by House of Representatives member Katsumasa Suzuki.

Wang said, "In recent years, Hunan and Japan have extended pragmatic, wide-range, and multi-level exchange and cooperation in economy and trade; culture and education; sports; environmental protection; and, tourism." He stated, "Japan is rich in tourism resources and so is Hunan. Strengthening cooperation in tourism is the most direct and effective way to enhance mutual understanding." He continued, "Media is a major channel to understand each other, reach common consensus, and affect the two countries' public opinions and national feelings." "We welcome more Japanese to visit, invest, and start business in Hunan, so as to better introduce and promote the province to the outside world. Hunan is willing to establish friendly ties with international friends." He added.

Mr. Suzuki remarked that the Hunan culture and traditional craftsmanship were quite admirable. He expected to strengthen communication and cooperation with Hunan in tourism and culture sectors. He also promised to promote Hunan cultural and tourism highlights to the Japanese and introduce more Japanese visitors to Hunan.

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