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15 July 2015

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Changsha to Develop National Intelligent Manufacturing Center within 3 Years

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The CPC Changsha Municipal Committee and the Changsha Municipal Government recently released a Three-Year Plan (2018~2020) for Building a National Intelligent Manufacturing Center.

The Plan has four specific objectives:

- Having 530 municipal-level intelligent manufacturing demonstration companies by 2020;

- Intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment sectors are to achieve an output 100 billion yuan, in areas including industrial robotics, additive manufacturing, Beidou Navigation Satellite System, intelligent sensors and chips, industrial internet, and unmanned intelligent devices;

- Intelligent engineering machinery, maglev, intelligent energy control, intelligent household appliance, industrial internet, and additive manufacturing, will “go global”, and hit an output value of 50 billion yuan;

- An intelligent manufacturing environment in Changsha to take shape.

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