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15 July 2015

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Hunan’s Annual Tourism Revenue Exceeds 800 Bln Yuan

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The 2019 Director Meeting on Culture and Tourism of Hunan Province was held recently. It announced that Hunan's domestic and inbound tourist trips totaled 753 million in 2018, an increase of 12.5% over the previous year, including 3.65 million inbound tourists. The annual tourism revenue exceeded 835 billion CNY, up 16.49%. Foreign exchange earnings from tourism was 1.52 billion USD. Thirty-one units in Hunan were selected as national all-for-one tourism demonstration units, ranking first in China. 
Efforts were made to accelerate all-for-one tourism. In 2018, the General Office of the Hunan Provincial Government issued the Three-year Action Plan for Building Hunan into All-for-one Tourism Base. A total of 387 key tourism projects are under construction, with a total investment of 600 billion CNY, and 163 billion CNY put in place. Hunan approved 27 counties supported by golden travel routes and 16 cultural and tourism towns featuring Hunan culture. To implement the national rural vitalization strategy, Hunan promoted 55 tourism-oriented poverty alleviation examples, issued 51 travel routes, and launched tourism-related poverty alleviation projects. 
Highlights were seen in cultural tourism. "Red Eight Views" and the first batch of red tourism education demonstration bases were selected, and the "Splendid Hunan" brand image was continuously improved. Themed on "Splendid Hunan", Hunan vigorously organized promotional activities for five regional brands and 13 cities and prefecture brands. Hunan is implementing the Global Strategic Partnership Program on Inbound Tourism. A new mechanism for global tourism cooperation is taking shape.
Public services are constantly improving, which makes a stronger public sense of fulfillment. Hunan has formulated and implemented a new three-year action plan for toilet construction and management at tourist destinations. A total of 2,600 new toilets are anticipated to be built and renovated, and 1,195 were completed in 2018. Thirty key state-owned scenic spots cut admission fees. 
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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