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15 July 2015

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Hunan Tourism Booms During Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

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Hunan tourism market flourished during the past three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. On September 24 the Hunan Tourism Commission announced that the number of visitors and tourism revenues rose steadily over last year. The province is estimated to receive over 20 million tourists and have a total tourism revenue of more than 12 billion CNY.
“Reunion” is the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival and tourists often travel with family members. Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in Jinggang Ancient Town, the Changsha Ecological Zoo, Changde Chengtou Mountain Scenic Area, Taohuayuan Scenic Area, and other places attracted numerous tourists. On Mid-Autumn Festival evening, a fireworks show themed “Moonlight Over Xiangjiang River-Splendid Changsha City” was staged at the Fireworks Plaza, Orange Isle, attracting tens of thousands.
This year's Mid-Autumn Festival holiday coincided with the First Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival. Several localities held series of activities, creating a holiday rural tourism boom. Changde, Chenzhou, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yongzhou and other places held the Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival-themed activities. The scenic spots of Huaihua City, including Huangdu Dong Minority Village, Jingzhou Disun Miao Minority Village, Xupu Chuanyan Mountain Scenic Area, and Jingping Ancient Village in Zhongfang County, had activities such as parent-child development trainings and bonfire evening parties. The newly-opened Hecheng Jiufeng Agricultural Sightseeing Park and Xinhuang Modern Vegetable Industrial Park were crowded with tourists. Chenzhou City’s Sanhe Village, with the nation’s longest rural tourism greenway, received 11,000 tourists daily.
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