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15 July 2015

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Greater Changsha Has 3 Million Tourists During Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

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A total of 2.9686 million trips were made by tourists in Changsha during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, which started September 22, said the Changsha Tourism Bureau (CTB).

Tourism revenue hit 2.675 billion CNY (around 0.416 billion USD) during the holiday, according to CTB.
The most popular trips were:
1.Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town in Wangcheng
As the venue for Hunan TV’s Mid-Autumn Gala, it attracts a lot of tourists. They enjoy performances and participate in enjoyable events including floating river lanterns blessings and boat trips.
2.Changsha Ecological Zoo
Several parent-child activities are held, such as maze walking and lantern-making. 
3.Huogongdian (Fire God Palace) 
This renowned local restaurant boasts Changsha cuisine, tasty local food and outstanding Flower Drum Opera performances.
4.Window on the World
Various celebrations are held here, including Get-together Banquets, Chongqing Tongliang “Fire Steel” shows, and floating river lanterns.
Driving tours were also popular with families. Moonlight views held by major tourist attractions and hotels are priority choice for such tourists.
Many locals prefer village tours and participating in agriculture-related activities such as picking fruit. Tianxin, Yuelu, and Wangcheng Districts; Changsha County; and Ningxiang City were among the most popular tours. The Mid-Autumn Festival usually marks family reunions for the Chinese, who have the tradition of enjoying sights of the full moon and eating mooncakes among others. In these places, visitors loved to enjoy local foods and the nature with families.
There were 315,800 trips were made in such hot scenic spots as Yuelu Mountain; Liu Shaoqi Memorial Hall; Yuelu Academy; Dawei Mountain National Forest Park; Hunan Provincial Botanical Garden; Changsha Window on the World; Underwater World; Bancang Rural Tourism Demonstration Base; and Huitang International Hot Spring Resort.
Fireworks show over Orange Isle was a highlight of the holiday. “The show is fantastic and Changsha people are friendly. Changsha is a beautiful city.” exclaimed Joe, an international visitor.