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15 July 2015

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Bump Harvest Celebrated in Zhang Guying Village

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Bump harvest scene was seen in Zhang Guying Village. It is located at the foot of Bijia Mountain in the mountainous Weidong area east of Yueyang County and is 73 kilometers (about 45 miles) from the downtown area of Yueyang City. It enjoys the fame as the 'Folk Imperial Palace' and 'First Village under the Sun'.
Officials from the Yueyang City Government compete with those from the Yueyang County Government in chopping peppers.
Adults are busying selling vegetables while a child is playing harmonica.
Chief of the Yueyang County Government Zeng Pingyuan advertises peppers.
Bean curd-themed banquet scene
A prosperous scene seen in front of the gate of the Village
On September 23, the Yueyang County Farmers’ Harvest Festival and the Zhang Guying Village Autumn Cultural Tourism Festival kicked off. The events, focusing on autumn culture, consist of four chapters in the name of “shaiqiu (drying crops in autumn), autumn scene photography, autumn themed painting, and autumn gains banquet”. A series of farming culture and folk customs, with unique local and ethnic characteristics, were held to present the spirits of the new generation of farmers in the new era. This reflected Yueyang County’s achievements made in beautiful village construction, traditional culture inheritance, and economic and social development.
Zhang Guying Village is China’s most well-preserved complete residential complex in the south of the Yangtze River, whose residents bear the same family name. It bears a very high value and is known as the “'Folk Imperial Palace”. The celebration will last until October 8. (Photo/Peng Weiwei)