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15 July 2015

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50 Measures Benefiting Tourists Released on China Tourism Day in Hunan

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May 19 this year marked the eighth "China Tourism Day", with the theme of "All-for-one Tourism, Better Life". On that day, the 2018 “China Tourism Day” Hunan events and the “Civilized Tourism Glorifies China” Campaign launched in Changsha. The Hunan Tourism Development Commission (HTDC) introduced more than 50 measures benefiting tourists.

Some scenic spots continued to give discount on tickets and offer free access to the public, and provided tourism incentives for model workers, advanced workers, and other advanced groups. For example, Cailun Bamboo Sea Scenic Spot in Hengyang offers free admission to tourists between May 19 and 21. Yandi Mausoleum in Zhuzhou, all A-level scenic spots in Jianghua Yao Autonomous County, and all A-level scenic spots in Huaihua City (except Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town) were open to the public for free on May 19.

HTDC Deputy Director Wang Chaoxiang hoped that, via holding these activities, tourism-related companies would issue measures benefiting the people, enrich their featured products, increase publicity, improve public services, strengthen tourism safety, promote civilization and integrity, and make tourism development results shared by all.

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