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15 July 2015

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Hunan Sees 11.64 Mln Tourist Trips During Qingming Festival Holiday

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The Hunan Tourism Development Committee (HTDC) announced on April 7 that Hunan saw more than 11.64 million tourist trips during the three-day Qingming Festival holiday, including more than 2.43 million tourist trips made by overnight visitors and more than 9.20 million by day trippers. The tourism revenue reached 7.151 billion CNY during the holiday.

The first tourist peak season in spring has occurred as visitors honored their ancestors, went for spring outings, and enjoyed flowers.

During the holiday, many tourists chose to visit martyrs' cemeteries and ‘red’ (revolutionary) tourism scenic areas and laid flowers to martyrs.

Wild azaleas with bright colors are in full bloom at Nanshan National Park, pervading pleasant fragrance. Many photography amateurs were attracted to take pictures.

Chenzhou has launched a rural spring flower tour guide, which covers 10 flower-enjoying routes. Cherry blossoms at Guiyang Cherry Blossom Garden and Linwu Wild Cherry Blossom Garden, datura at Wangxianling, azaleas at Mangshan Mountain and Yangtian Lake, and canola flowers at Anren Paddy Field Park are blooming.

In Loudi, such A-level scenic spots as Ziquejie terraced fields and Zeng Guofan’s residence are still popular among tourists. Meanwhile, peony at Bosheng Ecological Garden, canola flowers at Suoshi Town, plum blossoms at Jiqing Town, and peach blossoms at Xiatuan Village, Xinhua County have become the best-known tourist brands in the city.

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