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15 July 2015

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Shaoyang Promotes Tourism in ASEAN Countries

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Organized by Hunan Provincial Tourism Committee, Shaoyang Municipal Bureau of Tourism, Foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Overseas Chinese Affairs carried out tourism promotion activities in Thailand and Cambodia between February 3 and 10.

It will help expand Hunan tourism market in Southeast Asia, enhance cultural tourism exchanges and cooperation between Hunan and ASEAN countries, and further develop the tourism brand of "Splendid Xiaoxiang • Charming Shaoyang".

On February 5, the "Beautiful China - 2018 Ice and Snow Tours Promotion 2018", hosted by the China National Tourism Administration, was held in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. Langshan Mountain Scenic Spot, one of the only two Hunan scenic spots participating in the promotion, showcased Shaoyang’s unique charm to the Cambodian people.

On February 7, themed on "Introducing Splendid Xiaoxiang to ASEAN Countries", Hunan Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Bangkok, capital of Thailand, to promote Hunan's rich tourism resources to ASEAN countries.

Shaoyang’s unique folk customs including Chengbu Miao songs and Longhui Huayao cross-stitching skirt were promoted in Thailand. In the meantime, Langshan Scenic Spot Authority signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a Thailand-based travel agency.

In 2018, Shaoyang will hold a series of activities to attract Chinese and foreign tourists.
From February to December, “Hunan-ASEAN Culture and Tourism Cooperation and Exchanges” & “Splendid Xiaoxiang • Charming Shaoyang to ASEAN Countries” will be organized:
In April, Yaohua Festival, Shaodong International Hardware Fair, Xinning cross-country race;
In May, Wugang Food Festival, Suining Miao 'Girls' Day’;
In July, Hunan (Nanshan) Folk Song Festival, Shaodong He Lvting music and cultural tourism festival; In August, Longhui Huayao "Taoliaogui” (a traditional festival to worship ancestors of Huayao people);
In October, Hunan cycling race around Jinjiang Lake; and,
In November, Xinning Langshan navel orange culture and tourism festival

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