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15 July 2015

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Spring Festival Traditions Across Hunan

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Local residents worship the God of Wealth on the fifth day of the first Chinese lunar month at Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town. (file photo)


Women perform dragon dance during the Spring Festival at Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town.(file photo)


Night view of Daxiongshan Temple (file photo) 

A boy touches a dragon at Nanyue Temple Fair.(file photo)

Hunan, an important origin of Chinese civilization, enjoys long history and profound culture. Traditional customs, including Spring Festival customs, have been inherited in many places.

Nanyue Hengshan Mountain

As the largest Spring Festival celebration in south China, Nanyue Spring Festival Temple Fair is a folk activity integrating opera shows, local snacks, and pilgrimage culture. It has been rated by the Ministry of Culture as one of the most influential Spring Festival activities in China.

This year’s temple fair will open from Feb. 19 to 25 (from the fourth day to the tenth day of the first Chinese lunar month). A lion and dragon dance championship will kick off on Mar. 1. Sixty specialties booths will be arranged on Wanshou Square.
The First China (Nanyue) Tourist Products Creative Design Competition will be held during the Spring Festival holiday.

Recommended activities: intangible cultural heritage performances; lantern show; traditional food fair; Zhurong (the God of Fire) Longevity Ceremony; and, First China (Nanyue) Lion and Dragon Dance Championship

Changde Taohuayuan

A variety of programs will be staged during the Spring Festival holiday. The performers will parade from Dongtian Courier Station to Tiangongliuyi Workshop. Visitors may put on Nuo opera masks, and dance and pray for a prosperous New Year. Live-action performances will be staged on the Qinxi stream.

Recommended activities: Nuo opera masquerade; Taohuayuan folk fair; performances at Qingu Valley; and live-action performances on Qinxi Stream

Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town

A number of folk activities will be held in the town during the Spring Festival holiday, including lion and dragon dances on the first day of the first Chinese lunar month; opera shows on the second day; rural folk performances on the third day; 'Baijiayan' (One Hundred Family Feast) on the fourth day; and, worshipping the God of Wealth on the fifth day.

As an important commercial town in the Ming and Qing dynasties, Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town boasts profound business culture. Originated in the middle Ming dynasty, worshipping the God of Wealth has become an important folk custom in Hongjiang.

Recommended activities: worshipping the God of Wealth; lion and dragon dances; and delicacies tasting

Xiongshan Ancient Temple in Xinhua County


The first Spring Festival Temple Fair will be held in Xiongshan Ancient Temple. Colorful folk performances will be staged during the temple fair, including Meishan martial art shows, lion and dragon dances, and intangible cultural heritage performances.


Beyond that, amazing acrobatics, magic shows, and traditional tea art performances will be presented. Worshipping the God of Wealth in the temple is also an important Spring Festival traditions here.

Recommended activities: Meishan martial art shows; delicacies tasting; and pray for blessing

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Translator: Xiao Juan