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15 July 2015

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Guizhou’s Bijie Promotes Tourism in Changsha

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The 2017 Bijie Winter Tourism Promotion Conference hosted by the People’s Government of Bijie City was held in Changsha on December 26. The city’s rich winter tourism resources covering karst cave, bird watching, hot spring, folk customs, and tourism promotional activities were introduced.

More than 120 Hunan travel agency representatives came to the conference. They were introduced about the charm of Bijie City, “a land of flowers”; beautiful landscapes; pleasant and cool climate; and high-quality tourism products. They were also amazed at the on-spot art performances with local characteristics.

The promotion conference has provided an effective communication channel for better tourism cooperation between Changsha and Bijie.

Changsha and Bijie have great differences in natural environment, culture, and history and are highly complementary in tourism resources. The promotion conference will further strengthen the partnership between Changsha and Bijie, and promote tourism interaction and development between the two cities.

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