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15 July 2015

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2017 Hunan Winter Rural Tourism Festival Kicks off

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On November 22, the 2017 Hunan Winter Rural Tourism Festival kicks off at a millennium village—Xiaguan Village, Ningyuan County, Yongzhou City. (Photo/Tang Jun)


The 2017 Hunan Winter Rural Tourism Festival is co-hosted by the Hunan Tourism Development Committee and the People’s Government of Yongzhou City. Themed on “Meeting in Yongzhou, Praying for Jiuyi Mountain”, the festival promoted four travel routes at the opening ceremony. Tourists were welcome to enjoy Yongzhou’s beautiful scenery, learn about history and culture, experience folk customs, and savor delicious local food.

After the ceremony, distinctive local green products were exhibited, folk performances featured with Yao culture staged, and spectacular skills of intangible cultural heritage items such as bamboo weaving and wood carving presented.

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