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15 July 2015

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Changsha to Build 100-billion-yuan Smartphone Industrial Cluster

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On December 26th, Huizhou Desay Battery Co., Ltd. and the National Wangcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone signed a cooperation agreement. A total of 300 million CNY will be invested to build the Desay Battery Wangcheng Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, which will help Changsha build a 100-billion-yuan smartphone industrial cluster. Xia Jianping, CPC Changsha Municipal Committee secretary-general and Standing Committee member, attended the signing ceremony.
Huizhou Desay Battery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the listed company Desay Battery. It is engaged in secondary lithium-ion battery packaging. Its products are widely used in smart phones, laptops, medical devices, self-balance vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles. It has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of small and medium-sized mobile power supplies. In 2017, the company achieved an operating revenue of 10.7 billion CNY and a net profit of 330 million CNY.
"Changsha’s good investment environment and considerate services have strengthened our confidence and determination to invest and develop here,” said Zeng Jianyun, chairman of Huizhou Desay Battery Co., Ltd. The Desay Battery Wangcheng Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park will mainly focus on intelligent terminal lithium battery module project. 
It is estimated that after the first phase project works, an annual output of about 40 million lithium batteries will be achieved, with an annual operating revenue of 2 billion CNY and a tax revenue of over 40 million CNY.