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15 July 2015

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342 Bln CNY Invested in Changsha’s 1050 Major Projects in First 11 Months

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Statistics show that, in the first 11 months of 2018, a total investment of 342.17 billion CNY was made in 1,050 key projects in Changsha, exceeding the annual plan by 8.4 percentage points. It included: 247.41 billion CNY in social investment projects, exceeding the annual plan by 16.4 percentage points; and, 94.75 billion CNY in government-funded projects, 92% of the annual planned investment. There were 573 projects under construction, constituting 94.7% of the total. Thirty-three projects of Fortune 500 enterprises were located in Changsha, with a total investment of 100.3 billion CNY.
According to the “2018 China Cities Business Environment Assessment Report” released by the Academy of Greater Bay Area Studies in early December, Changsha’s business environment leaped from the 20th to the 9th place in China, and ranked first in the central China area. 
In the first 10 months this year, Changsha introduced 147 major projects valued at over 200 million CNY each. The total planned investment was 224.94 billion CNY. Thirty-three projects of the Fortune 500 enterprises, including Flextronics, Continental AG, Prudential, and Zheshang Bank, have been located in Changsha. Up to now, there are 156 Fortune 500 enterprises (projects) investing in Changsha.