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15 July 2015

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Six More Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises Locate in CSHTIDZ

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On December 12, the Changsha High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (CSHTIDZ) signed major project contracts with 6 cross-border e-commerce leading enterprises including Alibaba Group. The projects will be located in Lugu Valley, covering such areas as talent resources, logistics, trade flows and others.
Six enterprises including:
Alibaba New Foreign Trade Localization Service Center;
Tomtop Cross-border E-commerce;
OrderPlus Cross-border E-commerce;
Kilimall African Cross-border E-commerce Platform;
SellerMotor Cross-border E-commerce; and,
CSHTIDZ Hong Kong Overseas Warehouse.
Their representatives participated in the signing ceremony.
The Hong Kong Overseas Warehouse project will be jointly established by CSHTIDZ and Hunan CIC Supply Chain Co., Ltd. It aims to enable domestic and foreign chip design, distribution and application companies to cooperate with CSHTIDZ enterprises via the Hong Kong warehouse-assisted investment and introduction channel. Thus the general trade customs declaration will be realized without changing the logistics path on the one hand and saving warehouse rent fees on the other hand.
There are now many cross-border e-commerce platforms set up in CSHTIDZ, such as the Idvert Google Cross-border E-commerce, CBEC365 Cross-border E-commerce, and eBay Cross-border E-commerce Training Center. The Anker Innovations and Lianketech Cross-border E-commerce and other well-known cross-border e-commerce companies have also settled here, contributing an annual transaction volume of nearly 500 million USD.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.
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