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15 July 2015

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Growth Seen in Hunan-Africa Trade

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Between January and July this year, the total Hunan-Africa bilateral trade volume was 9.2 billion CNY, a 39% increase over last year, according to the Customs. The export volume was 5 billion CNY, up 27.1%, and the import volume 4.2 billion CNY, a growth rate of 56.4%. The export products are mostly mechanical and electrical products, while import products mostly minerals.
The foreign trade conditions between Hunan and Africa in the first seven months of this year are as follows:
1. Hunan’s export to Africa:
·Mechanical and electrical products: 2.3 billion CNY, an increase of 22.2% (accounted for 42% of Hunan’s total export volume to Africa);
·LED (light-emitting diode): 310 million CNY, 231 times more than that of last year; and,
·High-tech products: 450 million CNY, up 290% than the same period of last year.
2. Hunan’s import from Africa:
·Iron ore: 1.42 billion CNY, up 26.8% (accounted for 34% of Hunan’s total import volume from Africa);
·Diamonds: 260 million CNY, 152 times more than that of last year; and,
·Agricultural products: 60.69 million CNY, 20.6 times more than that of last year.
The Hunan-South Africa import and export scale from January to July ranked in the first place among others. It was 4.93 billion CNY, up 35.7%. This accounted for 53.5% of the total Hunan-Africa trade.
This article is from Hunan Provincial Government. 
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