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15 July 2015

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CRRC ZELC Makes Its Fastest EMU for European Customers

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Drawing of a power-centralized, high-speed EMU, made by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co. Ltd. (CRRC ZELC)
Recently, a new type of power-centralized high-speed EMU (Electric Multiple Units) was presented in Zhuzhou. This EMU is designed and developed according to European Railway TSI standards, with a speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour. It is the fastest EMU developed by CRRC.
The current EMU is red, reflecting its speed. They also have Chinese dragon patterns. The cockpit and power system are in the front. The most important feature is it is built according to European Railway TSI standards. TSI are the technical specifications for interoperability with European rail. All trains must meet these standards in order to enter the European market.
The EMU operates at 280 km/h (highest test speed is 308 km/h). It is composed of 2 first-class cars, 5 second-class cars, a dining car, and a second-class car with restrooms for the disabled. It has a capacity of 537 passengers and is 265 meters long.
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