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15 July 2015

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4th Investing in Africa Forum to Be Held September 6

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The 4th Investing in Africa Forum will be held in Changsha on September 6. Hunan has held such event for four consecutive years.
In recent years, Hunan enterprises have been speeding up their pace to go global, and looking forward to cooperate with Africa, the continent full of development opportunities. To this end, Hunan's departments in charge of foreign affairs and commerce have strengthened contact with domestic financial institutions, foreign embassies in China, and international agencies to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between Hunan and African countries. Hunan has held “Hunan Tour of African Ambassadors to China”, 2016 Hunan-Africa International Industrial Cooperation Conference & Business Cross-border Networking Event, and 2017 Hunan-Africa Industrial Cooperation Conference between 2015 and 2017. The successful holding of these events charted the way forward for Hunan enterprises to invest in Africa and strengthen Hunan-Africa cooperation. 
It is expected that the China-Africa Economic and Trade Fair will be permanently held in Hunan according to the Foreign Affairs (Overseas Chinese Affairs) Offices of Hunan Provincial People’s Government.