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15 July 2015

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Hunan Cross-border E-commerce Surges

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On May 21, 2018, a press conference discussing several policies and measures aimed at promoting the development of an open economy and special actions to accelerate Hunan’s rise and opening up was held in Changsha. Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy Director Luo Shuangfeng said that Hunan has witnessed rapid progress in cross-border e-commerce in the past three years, with an average annual growth of more than 30%.

Hunan currently has the Changsha Cross-border E-commerce Supervision Center and the Special Cross-border E-commerce Customs Clearance and Inspection Port. The “Hunan-Guangdong-Hong Kong Express” has become a cross-border expressway linking Hong Kong with interior China. The Jinxia-Huanghua Airport clearance transit and transport supporting line has opened and been put into operation. The Hunan-Europe Express Line makes cross-border cargo distribution possible. Top Ideal SCM Group, Alibaba One-Touch Business Service Ltd.,, JD.COM, Cainiao Network, Jiade Group, Ebay, Amazon, and other large cross-border e-commerce platforms, companies, and service providers have located or begun doing business in Hunan.

The Hunan cross-border e-commerce platforms and e-commerce companies enjoy a stable business environment thanks to the continuous improvement of the cross-border, e-commerce, industrial chain and the eco-environment. The Hunan cross-border, e-commerce representative platforms such as, Sunoble,, and Happigo (online) have grown rapidly.

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