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15 July 2015

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More Financial Aid for Hunan Manufacturing

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The bank-enterprise matchmaking conference on integration of industry and finance was held on May 14. It aimed to strengthen Hunan’s manufacturing industry.

More than 100 Hunan manufacturing enterprises have received financial support. Preliminary reports show that 64 loan projects were signed at the conference. There were new loans of 6.29 billion CNY; 118 credit projects signed, and new credit lines of 53.53 billion CNY.

The first batch of 975 manufacturing enterprises on the Hunan ‘whitelist’ for industry-finance cooperation was announced at the conference. These enterprises were selected from companies implementing the “Five 100” program for the Year of Industrial Projects Construction, key manufacturing enterprises, emerging superior industrial firms, and high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Hunan Industry-Finance Integration Service Platform was launched on May 14. It is operated by Hunan SME Financing Service Co., Ltd., which was initiated by the Hunan Economic and Information Technology Commission. It classifies, collates, and audits the financial needs collected from key enterprises and key projects, and pushes the information online to banks and equity investment agencies.

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