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15 July 2015

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Mobile Internet Yuelu Summit 2018 Unveiled in Changsha

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The Mobile Internet Yuelu Summit 2018 kicks off in Changsha.


The Mobile Internet Yuelu Summit 2018 kicked off in Changsha on April 2. Chinese Internet companies gathered there with many giants of the field such as Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, Xiaomi, and IDG. They came to enjoy, experience, and share a Hunan-style festive internet event. At the opening ceremony, the “Changsha Mobile Internet White Paper” was released.

CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary, Du Jiahao, and Hunan Governor, Xu Dazhe, pressed the “Lushan Seal” button to initiate the summit. At the New Economy Summit Forum, which followed, well-known internet tycoons such as Xu Xiaoping, Xu Zhijun, Cai Zixing, Fang Chunsheng, Fu Sheng, Yao Jinbo, and Xiong Xiaoge shared their experiences and ideas via various novel forms, including the “New Economy Talk Show”, the “Internet Icons Themed Talk Show”, the “Roundtable Forum”, and the “Bullet Screen Interaction”. They discussed current hot topics such as artificial intelligence, new retail, and venture capital-funded entrepreneurship. Forums and special events that followed covered such topics as content, new media, education, health, and intelligent manufacturing.

Hunan has recently become a new Internet industry development center. A great number of well-known software and Internet companies have set up national, or regional, headquarters in Hunan, including the ZTE Corporation, AsiaInfo,, 58 Daojia, Longtu Game, DiDi, and MoMo. JD.COM’s 10-billion CNY Changsha intelligent unmanned vehicle base project has been launched, and the Beijing Momo Technology Co., Ltd. Central China headquarters has completed registration.

The China “Internet Plus” & Digital Economy Index 2017 issued at the 2017 China “Internet Plus” & Digital Economy Summit, ranked Changsha 11th among all listed national cities.

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