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15 July 2015

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Bangladeshi and World Bank Guests Visit Hunan

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Between February 28 and March 4, 23 overseas guests, including representatives from the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, officials and experts from the World Bank’s Headquarter in Washington and its Office in Dacca, visited Hunan. They came here to learn about the experiences of the Hunan Government gained from the World Bank’s development policy loan (DPL) project, which may provide references to Bangladesh for deepening its financial administration reform.

Hunan Provincial Finance Department Deputy Director Guo Xiuhong met with the guests. He expressed gratitude to the World Bank for its long-term care and supports to Hunan’s development. The DPL project was Hunan’s first trial on introducing the new category of World Bank’s Loan. It emphasized intellectual cooperation, and innovated the institutional arrangements for the sustainable development of finance from the aspects of budget management enhancement and debt risk prevention. The Project has set a good cooperation example for both sides. He continued, Hunan and Bangladesh have an increasing economic and trade cooperation. Both sides have similar places like population, land area, and industry, and have complementary advantages. We have extensive cooperative fields. He hoped Hunan and Bangladesh will exchange views and learn from each other, so as to solve problems, intensify friendship, and reach mutual-support and mutual benefit financial and trade cooperation.

The Hunan Department of Finance organized discussions on the World Bank’s DPL project, government budget reform and performance management, government debt management, financial management information system, and endowment insurance reform. The Bangladeshi delegation introduced the on-going budge and accounting information systems in their country.

The delegation later inspected the World Bank Loan Hunan Urban Development Project, and Changsha Southern Station-Huanghua International Airport maglev line PPP project.

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