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15 July 2015

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Hunan-Europe Express Transports 419,000 Tons of Freight in 2017

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The Changsha Customs announced on January 16, 2018, that the imported and exported freight transported through the Hunan-Europe Express amounted to 419,000 tons, increasing by 390% year on year and ranking the fifth among the 35 cities along the China-Europe Express Railway. The total export and import value was 4.6 billion CNY, increasing by 110%.

Opening in 2014, Hunan-Europe Express, the Changsha-Europe line of the China-Europe Express Railway, has finished one-year trial run, and two-year regular operation. It has been leading all the lines of the Express Railway. Changsha ranks fifth in terms of freight volume among the 35 main cities operating the China-Europe Express lines. Goods can be transported directly from Changsha to Germany, France, UK, Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Iran. It serves for exported goods for four times weekly and imported goods twice every week, and provides comprehensive international logistics services.

According to a Changsha Customs officer Yang Xiaoyong, goods can be declared at the Changsha Customs, and imported or exported directly through the China-Europe Express. A series of reform measures are launched this year in the new Changsha North Freight Station. And, advanced equipment will be used to improve inspection and declaration efficiency, and facilitate the Hunan-Europe Express development.

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